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ble name="sizes" -->One size suits 40kg and above.
Manufacturer : Marinepool
Model : Inshore
Price : £ 79.99

This automatic inflating lifejacket has an integral harness and is suitable for coastal and offshore use with foul weather clothing.

It offers both automatic and manual inflation, through a ‘United Moulders’ system, with 33g CO2 cylinder. It also has the facility to manually top up air via a tube. Integrated harness offers a stainless steel fittings including a ‘d ring’ for attaching a lifeline. Being designed to be comfortable to wear, it fits well due to the ideal distribution of straps and minimal weight around the neck area as weight distribution is over the shoulders.

With 150 Newton’s of buoyancy this lifejacket conforms to European standard EN 396. Officially classed as a lifejacket because it turns you into the upright position once in the water. This lifejacket is recommended for use offshore and in foul weather clothing, however use with heavy clothing can affect the jackets ability to turn you into the upright position once in the water.

Approximate weight 950g.

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